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The Real Deal TV
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The Real Deal TV | About
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The Real Deal was created by Lisa Redl and is a weekly one hour unbiased talk/variety show that will feature local talent/content/human interest stories throughout the Okanagan in a way that is watchable everywhere for everyone (TV & online). The content will not be controlled by politics or money. It is a show by the people, for the people. The show’s segments will mix humour with important serious subjects to create a fun, loving environment that breeds community and change. “Raw. Real. Relatable”. That’s our motto.

The best gift we can give others is the gift of being ourselves.
Sharing our stories and lives, and not just through the filtered lens of Instagram and social media, is what helps us grow, learn and connect with one another.

Everybody has a story and I hope one day I can help you share yours.

I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you are, your religious background, your race, ethnicity or social class…

You are welcome here.